Friday, March 23, 2007

The Physical Overdraft Came From Greater Willpower

The band that I just joined, The Junior League, is nominated for Best Emerging Artist in The Big Easy Awards. So, that's pretty awesome, even though I had nothing to do with it. For those that don't know, Joe Adragna, the lead singer/guitarist, is the mastermind behind that band. He writes all the songs, plays all the instruments in the studio, and makes all the phone calls. Next Saturday March 31st at The Circle Bar it's the WTUL CD Release Party with The Black Rose Band, The Junior League, MC Trachiotomy with Lefty Parker, and Broken Smokes.


I encourage everyone to go out to The Big Top Saturday afternoon and night for the annual NOISE Fest. This is the place to check out what's best in local avant, electronic, ambient, and noise. The show starts at 4 with the Uptown Cajun All-Stars and ends at 10 with Electrical Spectacle. Tickets are $8. Bands include Electrical Spectacle, Chef Menteur, Potpie, Helen Gillet, Ray Bong, The Buoyant Sea, Archipelago, and more.


There's gonna be a lot of Carrollton Station incest going down at Blair's EP Release Party Friday night at One Eyed Jacks. Lucy Gossett, Alex Smith, Keith Ferguson, Arthur Mintz, Theresa Andersson, and Andy Wagner will all have their paws on either Blair's music or Jon Michael's set, which precedes Blair's. These guys are silly. I expect the good and the unexpected.


I'm pretty excited that Calexico is coming back to town so soon after their last One Eyed Jacks date. Their music is so sharp and measured. It can sound so languid and dry that it transports me. On April 27th at the Republic, Blair will open for Calexico.

Friday, April 27th

The first five people that can answer this question will get free tickets to the show: What band were the two main members of Calexico in before they formed Calexico?


I'm a little suprised I'm not hearing more chatter about Peeping Tom's show at the House of Blues on April 2nd. Mike Patton is gonna be there. Dan The Automator is gonna be there. Have you guys heard the songs? Here's a link to the whole album: Peeping Tom


According to Big Blue Marble drummer Stu Schayot, the band had a great couple of shows and a good time all around at SXSW this last weekend. Congrats to Big Blue Marble for landing a headlining spot at French Quarter Fest this year. They play on April 12th from 6:45-8. Other performers of note include Glasgow!, The Zydepunks, The Tin Men, Country Fried, and Gal Holiday. Everyone else playing is exactly who you'd expect to be playing.

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