Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Concert Review: Caddywhompus and Giant Cloud at The Circle Bar on September 1, 2009

I knew what I was getting myself into, standing in front of the Marshall amp and the drum kit with the oversized kick drum and ride cymbal. Still, Caddywhompus were loud! And vibrant and motivational. There were times where, propelled by a disjointed rhythm, I wanted to throw myself against a wall or the buncha packed crowd behind me, but they didn't look like they wanted a mosh pit. And, also, just when the dancey, noisy, herky jerky parts would build up and catch my interest, they'd morph into something else--a different mood and direction.

The local psych/noise/pop duo pulled a quick change often. But, because of how tight they were, drummer Sean Hart and guitarist/vocalist Chris Rehm always sold it. Not once did I question their decisions. I was probably too disoriented, lost in an ADD haze. Haze is a good word, what with Rehm's trippy, processed vocals and how the band would repeat one part over and over again in an attempt to create a trance.

The vocals helped and hurt. They added a bit of romance to the volume, but they could also be shrill. I enjoyed the band the most when Rehm stepped away from the mic and bounced back and forth in front of his effects pedals to their sometimes hard-edged, metallic rhythm, dancing exactly how I wanted to be dancing.

I have a feeling every show's gonna be different with these guys. Looking forward to it.

Giant Cloud, also from here, were the perfect chaser. They were more gentle and dreamy, but I'd have to say both bands were coming to and from an Abbey Road direction. Giant Cloud even played an awesome(I mean spot on really awesome) version of "Don't Let Me Down." The Park The Van band's music was so delicate and pretty it put me in a daze, sitting at the bar, drifting away somewhere nice. Talk about romance. This music was all sunflower breeze and soothing harmonies. An open field.

The barrelhouse piano added some nice texture, too.

I was happy to see so many people stick around to see Giant Cloud. They knew what was up. Click on the title link for Giant Cloud's myspace page.

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